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A320 Takeoff Question

Wed Feb 06, 2002 7:37 am

I have recently heard on this board that the A320 cannot takeoff with a full load from a short runway, for instance, a full flight leaving from SNA or LGA. Is this true? How does the A320 family's takeoff performance compare to that of the 737NG's? I don't want to start an A vs. B war, I just want to verify whether some things I have heard along these lines are true or not.

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RE: A320 Takeoff Question

Wed Feb 06, 2002 8:13 am

Remember, everything is realitive. The term "hot and high" is used. Heat, and the thin air at altitude can reduce the thrust produced by engines, which nessecitates a longer take off run. So, in the worst case, loads would have to be reduced in order to get out of smaller, or hot & high runways.

The A320 isn't particularly prone to this problem. However, the 737NGs are regular little rockets. They don't seem to have much trouble getting out of most airports. The new winglets on the 73G/738 are meant to improve take off performance even more.
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RE: A320 Takeoff Question

Wed Feb 06, 2002 11:12 am

The lift provided by the wing is also affected by the 'hot and hight' conditions.

Not sure if the A320 is the only a/c type affected by this, but I've read many complaints about it in here in the forums..

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RE: A320 Takeoff Question

Wed Feb 06, 2002 7:15 pm

A320s out of some small European airports will stop for fuel after leaving. For example most A320 flights out of Skiathos Greece (JSI) to the UK will stop at Thessalonika 20 minutes away. I've seen 737s leave the same airport for Scandinavia without a stop.
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RE: A320 Takeoff Question

Wed Feb 06, 2002 11:50 pm

All aircraft are affected by hot and high performance. It justr seems the A320 is a little more. I've bene bumped off of a NWA A320 a couple of times out of LGA for weight retsrictions while jumpseating back to work. When a 757 is used I'm never bumped, if its a 727, I never get on though, HA. I've taken a 737NG a few times out of LGA, but since it wasn't going to MEM or DTW its hard to compare, but on similar length trips I've never been bumped.

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