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DC-8-10 And -20 Mtogw

Mon Feb 18, 2002 12:31 am

What was the DC-8 dash 10 and -20's MTOW?

-Kamarov, Andrea V.

RE: DC-8-10 And -20 Mtogw

Tue Feb 19, 2002 6:56 am

Sorry I only flew the DC8-50s, -60s and -70s, but I have some data about the early -10s and -20s...
About the Series 10 - here is what I read -
DC8-11 max T/O was 265,000 lbs...
DC8-12 max T/O was 273,000 lbs...
About the Series 20 - the following data -
DC8-20 max T/O was 276,000 lbs...
Looks like all the Series 20 had the improved wings of the 12 Series... Both some 10 and 20 Series were later converted to -51 and -52 series with fan engines...
Should you need more info about the old DC8s, you can email me at < >
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A Slight Correction?

Thu Feb 21, 2002 11:45 am

The Putnam agrees with the weights given above-- but AFAIK no -20s got converted to -50s. A number of -10s and a few -30s (how many?), but no -20s, and I assume no -40s?

RE: A Slight Correction?

Sat Feb 23, 2002 5:38 am

Oops, maybe I did not go to details again, or read the fine prints in my book - the purpose was to keep it simple about those -10 and -20 weights...
Book I have mentions that the first -50 series, they call it a -51, was certificated at 276,000 lbs mtow and was in effect "a -21 series with JT3D-1 fans engines", then goes on to mention the -52 certified at 300,000 and the -53 at 310,000 lbs mtow... obviously these probably were likely to be ex -30 series...
Correct, does not seem that any -40s were converted into -50 series...
I am just a pilot and probably unknowledgeable about all variations of weights with a given type... this fact applies to all airplane types I flew so far... for me, unless a fleet of a type is completely standardized within the airline, I merely inform myself of weight limitations when doing flight planning... I have to deal with metric or pounds (or both at same time), variations of engines, sometimes on a 4 engine plane, an "odd" engine is installed (sometimes reducing allowable mtow)...
Oftentimes, if asked "what is the maximum "this" or "that" for my airplane" I merely answer "I read the book"...
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