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Can You See The Lights

Sun Mar 03, 2002 5:14 am

Can the navigation and strob light be seen from the cabin of a 747-200/300?

I was sitting in coach a few years back, and I dont remember seeing any lights. It was a night flight.
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RE: Can You See The Lights

Sun Mar 03, 2002 5:27 am

Well, I've never been on a 747, but if it's between not seeing the light, and the light being turned off in cruise, I'm going to guess that it is out of view.
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RE: Can You See The Lights

Sun Mar 03, 2002 9:17 am

yes i think so, especially when descending down through the clag.
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RE: Can You See The Lights

Mon Mar 04, 2002 6:24 pm

Normally, you shouldn't be able to see either. I haven't checked the installation on a 742/743 but think about it for a moment - you want the right nav light to be visible to the right but certainly not to the left, and it's out on the right side of the aircraft. How would you see it from the cabin?  Smile The beacons and strobes are generally along the aircraft centerline, well out of view.

However, when descending through clouds, the strobe lights will reflect off the cloud and be visible indirectly by illuminating the clouds. In fact, so visible that the pilots will most likely turn them off since they reflected light is blinding.

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RE: Can You See The Lights

Tue Mar 05, 2002 3:09 am

I remember flying at cruise altitude with no clouds at night, and the flashing beacon illuminated the wing when it flashed. It is on the centerline so you don't see it directly, but you can see it working and casting a fuselage shadow over the wing.

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