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Maintenance / Inspection Of Composite Components

Wed Mar 13, 2002 4:55 am


After reading an article linked to in the Civ Av forum about an Airbus 300-600 that has been discovered to have tailfin damage, I was wondering about the maintenance and inspection requirements for composite components on airliners.

The plane in question has gone through severe turbulence. The tailfin was inspected. Visually. The damage was not found. Only now that they have inspected it with ultrasonics have they spotted the damage.

Are there any regulations or requirements detailling how to proceed if a plane suffers unusual loads exceeding the design limits? What are the inspection requirements for the plane as a whole, and composite components specifically?

In regular maintenance checks, the plane is checked for signs of fatigue and cracks, right? So are the composite components checkes as well, for delamination or internal damage? How often are these checks undertaken?

Thanks in advance for any clarifications


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RE: Maintenance / Inspection Of Composite Components

Thu Mar 14, 2002 8:48 am

You should be able to get hold of the CAA inspection procedures manuals at college, I know I always could, we had a Tech Library with the AMMs for the a/c I worked on and IPC's CAIPs and other a/c AMMs, in these you will find the required inspection procedures.
I believed that Airbus called A300 600 operators to do NDT checks on the Fin Attachment Lugs, this was not a scheduled check i.e a/b/c/d it was a manfacturer requirement. These would have been ultrasonics, Eddys, not sure about the useage of PFD on CFRP. Have a search at college mate and if you can find anything, come back on and ill see what I can knock up for you,
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