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BA Engineering At Small Stations

Sat Mar 16, 2002 5:14 pm

At DFW, I've seen an office in the ground operations section of the terminal marked 'British Airways Engineering'.

I know that in cities with only 1 BA flight per day, like DFW, the ground services are contracted out. But, is there an Engineering person around to supervise things? Or what is the office for, what does the person do?

Also, why doesn't BA just get their oneworld partner, AA, to handle most of the ground ops at these stations with once a day frequencies?


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RE: BA Engineering At Small Stations

Sun Mar 17, 2002 6:24 am

Airlines often require their own engineering staff at far flung and often infrequently served stations due to airworhtiness sign off requriements. Very often one cannot locate a 3rd parties company with the authority to sign off your aircraft log pages. I suspect AA cannot sign off BA's aircraft at DFW which leads to BA needing its own staff. In addition in BA's case the engineering division is a profit center. BA handles multiple other carriers in the US, especially @ JFK and LAX.
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