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Question For Cabin-crew

Wed Apr 10, 2002 5:56 pm

Part of my job is scheduling cabin-crew for train catering, fairly similar to catering on aircraft.

I was wondering how cabin-crew scheduling is being done in the airline-industry:

How far in advance do you get your roster?
How and how many times can you request a certain shift/destination?
Can you request more, less, or no overnights/layovers?
Are you happy with what the scheduler gives you? Or is it a computer that puts you on a flight at random??

Could anyone give me an example of how a working month looks like for you on
A day to day basis.

Thanks very much in advance for your replies!


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RE: Question For Cabin-crew

Thu Apr 11, 2002 12:54 am

Cabin crews, like pilots, bid for schedules. The company publishes all of the available schedules about a month in advance, each work schedule is called a "line" (short for line of flying). The lines are comprised of a series of trips with different overnights, working days, days off, etc. The crews choose the lines that they like and place a bid for them. The number of lines they must choose depends on their base seniority, i.e., if the crewmember is number 47 on the seniority list, he/she must bid 47 lines. If there are more crewmembers than there are lines available, then the most junior ones who can't hold a line are assigned reserve. When the line awards are given, the first person on the list gets their first line choice, the second person on the list gets their choice based on the remaining lines, and so on.

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