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SJC Arrivals Over Gilroy/Morgan Hill...

Tue Jun 04, 2002 12:50 pm

..........Ok, I worked in the Morgan Hill, CA area today, and I was right under the arrival pattern for SJC 30R....and I guess it's about, what(help me here FlyGGA) 20 miles from the airport, and the question is, how come the A320's make a very distinct engine noise,(of course it's hard to describe on as almost as if it's braking or something, yet the other jets hardly make a noise at all. It's very noticeable. I hear the same noise when I lay out back at night in Gilroy watching for satellites and UAP's. The jet's arrive over Gilroy do it too(about 10 miles south of Morgan Hill) there a speed reduction and I'm hearing the engines 'throttled back' or what? When I check the a/c type, it's always a A320....and sometimes it's a 757.......

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