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What Did I See?

Tue Jul 02, 2002 9:45 am

I returned back to ORD from YYC last Saturday afternoon. Upon leaving the ORD area I saw UA an A319 taking off.

I watched this and couldn't understand to see that the landing gear wasn't up until it was well away from ORD and pretty high in altitude. It was a pretty clear day and this was quite visible. Afterwards I saw another A319 taking off but landing gear was retracted quickly after being airborne.

What did I see? Is this something normal?

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

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RE: What Did I See?

Tue Jul 02, 2002 2:27 pm

Maybe the pilots forgot to retract them.
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RE: What Did I See?

Tue Jul 02, 2002 4:40 pm

What u saw was not an abnormal phenomena. Its done when the wheel brakes are hot. The gears are kept extended to cool them before retraction. That particular aircraft may have applied hard brakes on landing an had short transit time.

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RE: What Did I See?

Tue Jul 02, 2002 6:13 pm

aahhh, so thats what it is, when spotting at heathrow a few months ago an Air France A319 or A320 (can't remember) did exactly the same thing, thought i was about to see an emergency landing for a few minutes till they finally retracted it


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RE: What Did I See?

Tue Jul 02, 2002 10:25 pm

Commonly,gears are retracted five seconds after take off !!!

For technical reasons,a pilot may delay the retraction !!!
In an emergency landing,gears are downed even at high levels,and this is to expect landing at any time !!!
Gears may be downed to reduce speed at approach,with disturbing the air flow !!!
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RE: What Did I See?

Wed Jul 03, 2002 2:04 am

This was debated by some of the experienced professionals on here a while ago. You can read all about it here:

Enjoy!  Smile

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