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Question To All Airbus Pilots

Mon Aug 19, 2002 12:28 am

What is the procedure to create on the FMGS an heading to intercept?

If I'm not mistaken called also TURNING POINT (T/P).



Jeff G
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RE: Question To All Airbus Pilots

Mon Aug 19, 2002 2:09 pm

Not real sure what Mark is referring to, but I know for sure that the Airbus, computerized as it is, is not flown with pull down menus.

If you want to fly a heading to intercept a course, you simply put the aircraft in the heading mode (pull the heading selector). Then you make the leg you want to intercept the first leg in the FMGC. IOW, change the display so that the point you want to navigate from is the FROM waypoint, and the following leg is the TO waypoint. Then point the aircraft to the intercept heading with the heading bug and arm the NAV mode (push the heading selector). If you're on an intercept heading, the display will show your selected track intersecting the course, with the intercept point shown as its own waypoint (INTCPT). When the aircraft is close to the course, it will turn to track the course and the active lateral mode changes from HDG to NAV.

The (T/P) waypoint is created when you navigate direct to a fix. To do this, you select the DIRect key on the MCDU and then line select the fix to navigate to. The FROM waypoint then becomes (T/P), or turnpoint, which corresponds to the present position. The next waypoint becomes the fix you selected. The lateral mode automatically changes to NAV to track the new course.

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