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Advice On Career Change

Wed Oct 09, 2002 1:29 am

I'm sure you encouter these frequently, so please bear with me. I am a 35 yr old who quit my profession as a programmer of 9 yrs and just obtained an FAA flight dispatchers license. However, I do not want to pursue it as a career, so I am contemplating flying as a profession, since I have a long standing interest in civil aviation. My question is at my age, can one realistically expect to end up at a major airline, after paying ones dues, as I am pretty sure that would be my ultimate goal? I know if I am going to make the move, I'll have to make it very soon, as I am probably approaching the limit to enter this particular field, with those particular aims. I have enough savings to probably pay for the training, and I am single with no dependents and have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, (and postgraduate study in IS). Also there is a possibility I could work for a foreign carrier for a few years to build up some hours on qualifying.
I would genuinely appreciate any advice from some of experienced individuals and fine minds who frequent this forum. Many Thanks.


RE: Advice On Career Change

Wed Oct 09, 2002 1:48 am

A dispatcher is - next to pilots - a respected profession in the airline industry, since you share the same "knowledge areas" to qualify for your license...
As to advising you for an airline career, yes - go for it - but seek operations management positions with your background... I am a pilot, but besides flying the line a minimum amount of trips monthly, I spend the rest of my month at my desk as pilot training and operations manager... and may end my career in the near future as a VP operations... flying airplanes is not "all there is" with airlines... to keep the birds flying, it takes a lot of knowledgeable personnel like yourself...
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