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Operating Info For Airliners

Fri Dec 06, 2002 2:52 am

Hi guys, could someone give me some info or otherwise a general direction where I would be able to find the Fuel Burn/hour and Pax/Mile Cost, and type utilization per day for the following aircraft:

Thanks in advance
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RE: Operating Info For Airliners

Sat Dec 07, 2002 7:40 am

Dear AFC Ajax00 -
Wish that I could help you, but you know - airplanes consumption, cost for seat/km or mile quite difficult to establish...
In the 747-200/300 series as an example, you can count on an average ground speed of 480-500 knots, but consumption varies (heavy 28,000 lbs or 13,000 kg per hour - light, at end of cruise 20,000 lbs or 9,000 kg/hour)...
We have many pages in manuals to determine the "trip fuel" and it is all based on weight of aircraft (at landing) and distance (air miles) + wind factor...
So if you want for the 747 classic, maybe average 25,000 lbs/11,500 kg/hr, give it a speed of 490 knots, and passengers could be as low as 375 seats for some airlines, some others the seating is as high as 550...
Hope that this gives you an idea... fuel prices vary too...
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RE: Operating Info For Airliners

Sun Dec 08, 2002 9:12 am

B747-400 Fuel/pax/nm (kg) 0.0500 Fuel consumption (kg/h) 11370
A340-300 Fuel/pax/nm (kg) 0.0472 Fuel consumption (kg/h) 7300
A330-200 Fuel/pax/nm (kg) 0.0460 Fuel consumption (kg/h) ~5000
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