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Trust Between Mgmt And Workers...

Sat Dec 28, 2002 4:04 pm

Just want to know your thoughts on the following statement:

In order for any airline to be truly successful, there has to be some sort of trust between the frontline employees and upper management.
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RE: Trust Between Mgmt And Workers...

Sun Dec 29, 2002 3:08 am

I agree. I really don't know many who would _publicly_ disgree though, other than an inveterate oligharchist. -- Also VERY important, as this sets the template for everything else, is for mutual trust between upper and lower management.
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RE: Trust Between Mgmt And Workers...

Sun Dec 29, 2002 6:31 am

Trust is necessary. But much more is required in today's environment. There are many competing interests. The customer, the investor, the stockholder, the supplier, the government. Good relationships and support are required for all of them as well as the employees . A management has to have a business ethic, leadership skills and communications skills as well as the ability to have a vision of where to take the company in good times and bad, as well as the knowledge of the necessary steps to take the company where it needs to go to accomplish that vision. A good idea and honesty are not enough. Resources and good business practices are required as well. Good intentions and trust without the other necessary factors leads to failure.

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