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Airbus A320 Flaps/THS On Mcdu

Wed Jan 22, 2003 5:38 pm

In the MCDU on the Airbus A320 there is a LSK on the Perf page for the Flaps/THS setting. The Flaps element will relate to the flaps set for take off, but I'd be grateful to know what determines the figure to put in for the THS (Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer). Given that it's on the same LSK as the flaps there must be some link but I'm afraid I don't know what that link might be (good job I'm not a pilot then). Are there tables anywhere giving this info? Thanks for any assistance.
Jeff G
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RE: Airbus A320 Flaps/THS On Mcdu

Thu Jan 23, 2003 3:58 pm

The pilots get the THS setting when running the W&B calculations, using whatever method (tables or software). It's set according to the aircraft's center of gravity.

The flaps setting and THS setting aren't calculated by the plane, at least with standard equipment. The fields on the FMGS T/O PERF page for flaps and THS are optional and are just reminders for the pilots. They don't appear to serve any other purpose.

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