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Next-Gen Systems And Questions

Tue Jan 28, 2003 2:49 pm

While preparing myself to write an article about a Human-Centered "Next-Gen" commercial flight deck, I have came across some systems that are absolutely remarkable. All of these products relate to the Honeywell Epic Primus. I was interested if anyone has any experience with these advanced systems and please give me your opinion of them.

Integrated Mutli-Function Probe (IMFP) This unit combines Pitot-Static, TAT, AOA and Air Data Computer function in one solid state unit. This Completely eliminates the Pitot-Static system and the maintenance that accompanies it.

Voice Command (VC) - Interface completely with selected systems using voice. This gives the ability to call up system utility pages, interact and even engage certain systems.

Solid State Power Controllers (SSPD) with thermal Circuit Breakers (CB), these devices automatically trip upon overcurrent and can be reset using a Cursor Control Device via an D/U LCD Screen. They are not physically a C/B but are represented digitally. Also maintenance can lock-out C/B's electronically and can only be reset on ground.

If you have any experience with The Honeywell Primus Epic systems please e-mail me at, I would enjoy asking you a few questions.

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RE: Next-Gen Systems And Questions

Tue Jan 28, 2003 9:44 pm

I don't have any experience with this particular system, but I do have experience with Direct Voice Input (DVI) on military aircraft (namely, EF2000 and Harrier II+/III). The current systems are fairly limited in terms of vocabulary, but the potential is there. You 'train' the system to your own voice, using a set of keywords. The recognition rates are high, and can cope with problems such as accents, and when the pilot has a cold. We did an experiment using a canadian pilot with a cold on the system, without training it first, and got a 100% recognition rate on the ground.

The system is effective up to about 5-6G, at which point it is almost impossible to talk anyway.

If you would like more details, I can provide them.

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