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Went To JCC Flight Center

Mon Mar 10, 2003 2:22 pm

I took a vist to Jackson Community flight center, and one of the flight instructors gave me a tour. I was enjoying it, and I liked it when we went and looked in the cockpit of one of the 172. saddley, I got a little nervious. I cant wait till I have the meeting with the director of flight, and start flying, but I am kinda scared. It looked so small, and I just have doubts that I can do it. I am happey cause my dad keeps on saying I can, and I too think I can, but its a little scarey. I was kinda relaxed to here when he stareted talking about MSFS and how good it was for an instrament rateing. I told him that I have been flying MSFS for 5 years now, and he told me that that rateing should be fairley easy then, but it does nothing for my ppl. overall, when Its all said and done, it will cost around $25,000 for the flight training, but I am not worried about that. Any of you that are flying right now get thoes butterflys? I am sure this is what I want to do, and I will give it my all. I just dont know if its normal or not. Thanks, just thought I would share.
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