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A340 Model Descriptors And Engines Questions.

Sat Apr 19, 2003 12:40 pm

Hi All,

I know A340 model designations are in the form "A340-ABC" where A is the series number (200, 300 etc) and B is the engine type. My question is this, what exactly does C designate - I know it describes the variation of the specific model in some way but what distinguishes each variation?

I have seen many descriptors such as A340-211,212,213,311,312 etc.

I think I read somewhere that -211 and -311 were the 5C2 engines, -212 and -312 were the 5C3's and the -213 and -313 were the 5C4 engines all with 257t MTOW- is this correct? Is the MTOW linked to the model number?

Does the -313X signify the 275t MTOW version?

Also, what is the difference between the different CFM56's used on the A340?

Again I think I read somewhere that the 5C2 was rated at 31,200lbs, the 5C3 at 32,500lbs and the 5C4 at 34,000lbs - is this true or is it more complicated?

Any help is much appreciated,
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