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Escape Chutes Question

Mon May 19, 2003 10:39 am

when the crew Arms the emergency exits, how does that activate the slides? and how do they make sure that the slide of the door is actually engaged?
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RE: Escape Chutes Question

Mon May 19, 2003 10:58 am

When the door is armed, the cabin crew slides the little handle to AUTOMATIC. This means that when the door is physically opened, the slide will deploy. There is something called a girt bar at the base of the door. When the door is in AUTOMATIC, the girt bar attaches itself to the bottom of the door frame. When the door is opened, the girt bar tugs on the chute (which is normally inside the door - the big lump often seen on the lower part of an aircraft door) and the chute inflates.

Sometimes, the chute can fail to inflate and will just hang there, attached to the girt bar. In this case, there is a small handle attahced to a small rope. Pull this and the girt bar will manually inflate.

After landing, the doors are put back to manual. Just as an extra safety check, the crews look at the bottom of the door at a small coloured indicator. This shows whether the girt bar is still attached to the door frame. If it is, then there is a problem, as there is the potential for the slide to inflate when the door is opened. If this happens, emormous pressure would push against the person outside into the airbridge, or catering truck and can kill someone. In Cathay, doors are always opened from the outside, so there will always be someone in the way if the chute accidentally inflates. The reason the doors are opened from the outside, is that the slide is supposed to disarm, regardless of whether the door is armed or not, if the door is opened by someone on the outside.
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RE: Escape Chutes Question

Mon May 19, 2003 11:39 am

on smaller aircraft 737 DC-9 etc.. the f/a has to physicaly attach the girt bar to the floor, there are quick release clamps at the base of the door jamb that the two ends of the girt bar go into
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RE: Escape Chutes Question

Mon May 19, 2003 12:46 pm

CX fly boy is right, however, most of the airlines i have been on, and on emirates airlines the airline i work on the liver will have to be moved either from "DISARMED" to "ARMED" and i have to look at the indicator at the floor... and then put a red strap over the window with the the door is armed, if i disarm and the doors still indicates arm at the bottom, then i don't remove the strap nor i give the person opening the door from the outside a thumbs up. .. the thumbs up sign is usually to makes it clear to the person outside that its ok to open the door after being disarmed. upon arrival the deplaning door window will get knocked on from the outside.. then the f/A will give a thumbs up sign to make it clear that the door has been disarmed and its ok to open it  Smile

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