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Check "D" On B732

Tue Jun 24, 2003 4:26 pm

What would be the Checks carried out on a B737-200 during a Check D [18,000hrs],apart from those done on a Check C[3000hrs]Inspection.
I understand it would not be possible to describe the same here,But the Noticible Differences.I heard the Elevators come off to enable inspection of the Mount bolts.
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RE: Check "D" On B732

Wed Jun 25, 2003 2:10 am

On a Delta HMV, which is akin to a 'D' check all flight control surfaces come off. Vertical stab comes off, and many times the Horizontal stab comes off. Vert stab connections get rebushed and new bolts. Interior gets removed including insulation for a complete internal structures inspection.

Most of the cabin door openings get beefed up if not previously done. These areas are prone to cracking. The fwd pressure bulkhead is commonly replaced due to cracks, and many times the aft cargo door gets reskinned. There tends to be heavy corrosion under the rear wet area(Galley&Lavs). Also in the aft bag bin and in the area aft of the bag bin we find a lot of corrosion requiring replacement of parts.

With a experienced crew of of about 160 guys working three shifts it can be done in about 28-30 days.
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RE: Check "D" On B732

Wed Jul 02, 2003 5:05 am

I think it really varies depending on the airline's maintenance program. Some airlines do not even have separate "D" checks, but instead have the "D" elements phased into their "C" checks.
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RE: Check "D" On B732

Thu Jul 03, 2003 10:55 am

Another thing that airlines do when the "D" checks come up on older aircraft is phase them out, or return them to their leasor. "D" checks are costly and since they leave an aircraft out of service for quite awhile, costs build up further.
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