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4th Of July Flying

Sun Jun 29, 2003 11:57 am

I would like to go flying on the 4th of July over the fireworks with a few friends. What sort of altitude would I need to fly at to avoid the fireworks. Are there any special procedures (like left hand orbits or anything?) I see plenty of people up there every 4th and I would like to go up over the fireworks. The fireworks are almost completely within class D airspace, so I would be in the tower's control the entire time and so would everyone else.
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RE: 4th Of July Flying

Sun Jun 29, 2003 12:07 pm

Fireworks explode pretty low... I have flown over the fireworks at Disney World literally hundreds of times at altitudes as low as 2,500 feet and have never gotten anywhere close. I wouldn't worry about it at normal VFR cruising altitudes.
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RE: 4th Of July Flying

Mon Jun 30, 2003 6:46 am


I'd be exceptionally cautious if I were you. Since there will be lots of other people as you mentioned, collision avoidance is extremely important. Don't rely too heavily on the tower to give traffic position calls! Also, you have much more of a tendency to fixate on the fireworks display (which is not as good as seeing it on the ground IMHO). You will have to CONSTANTLY check your attitude, altitude, and airspeed throughout the maneuver. Don't get distracted! That would be a lousy firework to add to the spectacle...

My suggestion to you is to leave the flying to other times...enjoy the show from the ground...
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RE: 4th Of July Flying

Mon Jun 30, 2003 6:58 am

4th of July. Large groups of people. Prominent Events. I haven't heard of any yet but I definately wouldn't be suprised if quite a few TFRs popped up. Check your NOTAMs.

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