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Aircraft "Bridging" Question

Mon Oct 06, 2003 11:02 am

You'll have to excuse me for being pretty vague, aircraft maintenance is not my specialty!  Smile

Can anyone explain to me what aircraft bridging means? I know it has something to do with little checks spaced out over time as opposed to one C-check. Or is it?

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RE: Aircraft "Bridging" Question

Mon Oct 06, 2003 4:35 pm

In my experience, a "bridging inspection" is an inspection that is performed to bring an aircraft onto a particular inspection program.
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RE: Aircraft "Bridging" Question

Mon Oct 06, 2003 11:16 pm

Often, when an aircraft changes operators, the maintenance program also changes. It is the obligation of the new operator (not the old operator or the owner in case of a dry lease) to review to old maintenance program and compare it to their current program.
Any actions that are different or are done at different intervals must be bridged or brought into conformance with the new program. Actions can be inspections, modifications, or maintenance procedures.
If an operator misses any item or misses the interval specified in their program, that operator has committed a violation; since the maintenance program is approved by the appropriate regulatory body (FAA, MOT, etc.).
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RE: Aircraft "Bridging" Question

Tue Oct 07, 2003 1:51 am

To expand on Apathoids comment. The Operator must convince the feds that the new program meets all the FAA and Original Manufacturers inspection requirements. An Operators Inspection Program may be customized to meet the needs of their own specific aircraft rather than a generic program that covers all aircraft produced by the OEM. ie. If none of your A/C have freon AC, then you don't have to have these check list items and thus a bunch of "NA's" on the inspection check lists.

Further more, each Operator must have it's own Inspection Program which is blessed by the local Administrator. "No easy task" in this day of age of the feds trying to fault and violate the Operator!!!!

"Foster and Promote Aviation" is no longer the credence of the FAA.

"Deduce and Violate" is more apt these days.

RE: Aircraft "Bridging" Question

Wed Oct 08, 2003 12:09 am

Hey CanadaEH. I imagine you're referring specifically to some of our -700s that have been in for bridging checks lately? I saw that myself and asked one of the maintenance guys about it. If you wanted to know specifically about our program.. from what I found out.. e-mail me/find me on MSN. Address is in the profile.  Smile

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