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Airshow Display Fuel

Thu Nov 06, 2003 11:44 pm

How much fuel is normally used by a fighter type aircraft - F-16, Tornado, Jaguar, Mirage - during an average 10 minute airshow display?
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RE: Airshow Display Fuel

Mon Nov 10, 2003 12:38 pm

I would imagine a fairly light load since they usually are showing off and thus they want maximum performance, so a relativley light load is put in. Also they might have to consider how much the afterburner will use if they use it a lot.

Sorry I cant give exact details, hopefully in 10-12yrs. I can!
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RE: Airshow Display Fuel

Mon Nov 10, 2003 2:55 pm

From the airshows I have been at, the fighter displays are done one of two ways, refueled off-site for the display, and fueled at takeoff, with RTB at completion. The pointy-noses (fighters) generally don't do to much min fuel planning, as the air show performances don't induce g-loads or maneuvers that isn't inherent to the airframe. As far as fuel burned, for a 10-12 minute AB off demo, I believe it is in the area of 3-4K lbs. AB on, I believe 7-9k. Either way, most pn's are in the range of 10-14k fuel to begin with, and quite a bit of an aerial demo is done at mil power (MRT) or better, so it drinks quite a bit of gas. Sorry its so vague, I'm only the gas station attendant.

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