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Hong Kong Cargo 747 And New Runways?/

Tue Dec 09, 2003 5:26 am

in the early 90's my local airport humberside EGNJ runway extentsion was finished and a HK cargo lump did some low fly past's with gear down which was pretty cool and then did some touch and go's.
i was told that the pilot liked to do rollers on new runways with a lump before anyone else did. have some stills somewhere of it.
me and my mate were driving upto the airport on the afternoon on the back bigby road if anyone knows it out when there when a big flash of white that went in the 03 direction.
we looked at each other and said was that a @@@@@@@@@@@
the rest is history...
will find the stills and upload them

regs EGNJ spotter....

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