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Leasing Commercial Aircraft

Mon Dec 29, 2003 10:15 am

My friend asked me to post this for him:

'Am I correct in saying that a wet lease and an ACMI lease are effectively the same just a wet lease is for a longer period? If so I presume that the lease is structured in a manner that their is a month amount, plus an amount per hour for every hour flown - is that correct? Also on a wet lease under who operating certificate is teh aircraft being flown under - the lessee? I would imagine as it isthe lessors flight department they would run the flight ops for that aircraft/those aircraft - is that correct?'

BTW - he used to post here under Iainhol, and now is regretting leaving!
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RE: Leasing Commercial Aircraft

Tue Dec 30, 2003 1:19 am

An Indonesian ( Big grin ) Oversimplification:

Say a 732 with $1500 ACMI with 200hrs minimum =

A = Aircraft Monthly leasing cost divided by 200hrs
CMI = crew maintenance and insurance cost... this is paid per hour, regardless of how many hours you fly.

A = 400
C = 100
M = 900
I = 100

No matter how many hours a month, A will always be 400 * 200 = 80,000. Big grin

Wet lease = Aircraft operate under the operating certificate of the owner/leasing company... be it ACMI or ACMI + Fuel .

Damp lease = Aircraft operate under operating certificate of operator. ACMI or AMI.

Whose Flight Ops will the aircraft come under? You got to read the contract for this one!

Beware, there are contractual limitations as to what is and isn't covered under an ACMI or AMI... Lion Airlines in Indonesia is having a row on who should be paying for a disintegrated prop on a Dash8 at the moment.

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