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B737 Type Rating

Thu Jan 01, 2004 11:23 am

Hi folks, first of all let me wish you all a happy new year, as most of us do, or at least I like to think that way, at the beginning of the year I set my goals, which mostly happen to concern aviation, this coming year's goal is landing a job flying a B737 my dream airplane, although I am aware of the fact that even if the aviation market seems to be recovering, achieving this year goal is going to be tough to say the least!!!!! one thing that I have thought to improve my chances, besides keeping on flying and building some valuable PIC jet time, is to invest in a type rating, go to a flight school, I thought about aeroservice in miami, and get it out of the way. Now a little piece of advice from the guys who have been around for a little longer than me, do you think that a self-sponsored type rating is a valuable option, that it will improve my chances of getting on with an airline flying that specific airplane or that a type rating might hurt me in the long run since some airlines claim they prefer unexperienced pilots? Keep in mind that I only have just over 2000hrs even though 1200hrs in jets, Lear 20 and 30 series of whom about 300 as PIC.
Thanks for your willingness and to all of you and your families HAPPY NEW YEAR

RE: B737 Type Rating

Thu Jan 01, 2004 10:53 pm

Unless you have aspirations of working for a carrier like Southwest (which I believe requires all new hires have a 737 type in their pocket before their first day of work) save your money.
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RE: B737 Type Rating

Thu Jan 01, 2004 11:31 pm

Many smaller carriers in Germany (Air Berlin, Germania, Deutsche BA) require a rookie pilot to bring his type rating. This started during the first Gulf war, when suddenly there were several hundred laid off pilots in the streets and the airlines could demand whatever they liked, if you don´t like our conditions, there are plenty more unemployed pilots around...

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RE: B737 Type Rating

Fri Jan 02, 2004 2:10 am

Here is another website to get more information http://flightinfo.com/
There are better companies that offer 737 type ratings, but only if you intend on applying for Southwest Airlines or oversea
Most US carriers do not require you to have a 737 type rating.
Higher Power Aviation, K&S Aviation, and for that matter, Alteon Training (Long Beach, California, (company I work for) offer 737 type ratings. I guess a 737 type rating on your resume will look good?
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RE: B737 Type Rating

Fri Jan 02, 2004 10:53 pm

Also remember that if you plan on working in Europe you will most likely need a JAR type rating, and JAR type ratings are easily 2 or 3 times the price of their FAA equivalent.

Converting an FAA type rating to a JAR licence when you have no time on type is a long, expensive regulatory nightmare.

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RE: B737 Type Rating

Sat Jan 03, 2004 1:48 am

Very good point sir! If Diego wants to fly in Europe then getting the type rating in Europe would be the best way to go, I think that Higher Power may have an approved JAR course, but I am not sure.

Also, Diego, if you plan on attending training in the United States, they have rules and regulations they have to be followed as dictated by the DOJ (Department of Justice). To train a pilot that has not flown an aircraft that weighs more than 12,500 pounds, is a pain in the arse & timely.
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