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Any Delta Ramp Rats, Please Read!

Sat Jan 31, 2004 11:27 am

Four years ago right out of high school a buddy and I took jobs as contract ramp agents for Delta operations arriving and departing from PWM. At the time, we almost exclusively handled MD-80s to CVG and ATL, unless there was a diversion from Boston,
Anyway, I remember once time we were going to see if we could mark every MD-88 in the fleet, by leaving a small talley mark from a black felt marker, directly over the inside of the bin door in cargo bin 3 and 4. Also, we use to work with the biggest bloak I think either of us have ever met in our lives up to that point ( I actually recal downtime in the bagroom at PWM with the ramp agents commenting that we should dump the lav truck in his car sometime after a really heavy day of passengers deplaning, or other "pranks" they'd like to pull on this guy) and i remember also sometime we'd leave bin graffti in the cargo bins of the 80's along the lines of "PWM will trade Greg for....." which seemed to be a common line that different ramp workers at all the different stations would sketch in the bins.
Anyway, my question is now, four years later are our markings still in the cargo bins 3 and 4 of a lot of the DL MD-80 fleet? We've long since moved on from that job, but I was just curious to if our marks were still there? I think we must have been on every active DL MD88 in the fleet during that year!
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RE: Any Delta Ramp Rats, Please Read!

Sat Jan 31, 2004 11:53 am

Having overhauled many 88's. I can tell you that those panels were probably replaced during overhaul.
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RE: Any Delta Ramp Rats, Please Read!

Sun Feb 01, 2004 3:45 am

Im a ramper here in PIT for dl. Yeah there is still ALOT of grafitti lol. Ive seen way to many "CVG will trade Greg Smith for a bucket of FOD and two HR's" etc. I wont admit ever contributing  Big grin since im still workin for DGS. But yeah, ive probably seen some of ya markings. I'll keep an eye out for PWM stuff and if i spot one, i'll tell ya what fleet # and the date (will be at PIT so i wont tell ya where lol). Talk to ya later, and to all my fellow ramp rats, keep warm!

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