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What Caused First 747 Crash At Nairobi?

Fri Feb 20, 2004 5:38 am

Does somebody know the exact reason why that LH 747 crashed at Nairobi. I believe it was because of a hydraulic problem witch caused the slats not to deploy. Was is a technical failure, or a mistake by the crew?

I also remember something about a long trial the pilot had to go trough. Does somebody know what happened to him?

Thanks in advance

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RE: What Caused First 747 Crash At Nairobi?

Fri Feb 20, 2004 12:18 pm

Following explanation is from the link given below


On November 20, 1974, a Lufthansa 747 carrying 157 passengers and crew stalled during takeoff from Nairobi and crashed beyond the runway killing 59.

Flight 540 was a regularly scheduled flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg with a stop in Nairobi. While preparing for takeoff, the flight engineer failed to open the air-bleed valves as required on the pre-flight checklist. This prevented the Boeing 747's pneumatic system from working. In turn, this prevented the leading-edge slats from automatically deploying as needed during takeoff.

When the aircraft rotated for takeoff, it stalled and the crew was not able to diagnose the problem in the time they had left before hitting a raised road beyond the end of the runway. This caused the aircraft to breakup and started a fire.

This was the first fatal accident involving a Boeing 747 and changes were made to its systems to ensure pilots are warned if such a condition exists before takeoff. (At least two incidents prior to Flight 540 involving the same conditions - which the pilots were able to recover from - were apparently not enough to mandate a change. As is often the case, loss of life was required to prove there really was a problem
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RE: What Caused First 747 Crash At Nairobi?

Fri Feb 20, 2004 1:25 pm

I believe a BOAC 747 encountered the same problem that ultimately brought down D-ABYB. The BOAC 747 was able to take-off and climb when the crew recognized the problem and rectified it in time. Unfortunately for Boeing they did nothing till D-ABYB crashed.

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