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ATPL-all Theory?

Wed Feb 25, 2004 1:40 am

I keep seeing these 'distancee learning' ATPL courses here in the UK, and I was wondering if it is all theory? I know you need the relevant flying experience, but would like to know if the ATPL is actually theory based or is there a practical element?
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RE: ATPL-all Theory?

Wed Feb 25, 2004 2:01 am

The ATPL that you are talking of is the theory element of the Commercial Pilot's Licence.

Here is the process to getting the full ATPL:

1. You get your PPL.
2. Complete ATPL Theory course (100% theory).
3. Do CPL flying instruction and CPL practical test.
4. Do Instrument Rating flying instruction and practical test.

Then you have what's called a Frozen ATPL. It becomes a full unfrozen ATPL when certain multi-crew flying hours are completed.

Of course there is far more to it than that, including hour-building to qualify for some of the experience levels, but you have the basic idea now...

So yes, the ATPL as you mean it is the theory course. It takes a minimum of about 9 months part-time study but frequently takes longer.

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