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Question About The Fmcs In Boeing 767s

Thu Apr 29, 2004 5:01 pm

Alright - as some of you may have heard, there's a website called in which a bunch of conspiracy theorists (or free thinkers as they call themselves) are spouting conspiracy theories about the WTC attacks. The latest line of BS coming from them is that the FMCS in a 757 or 767 could be programmed with the exact GPS coordinates of the World Trade Centers and the aircraft would then fly themselves into the buildings. Is this correct? I'll provide a link to the "discussion" here.
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RE: Question About The Fmcs In Boeing 767s

Thu Apr 29, 2004 5:43 pm

The FMS equipment used in all the major aircraft (including the 767 I fly) can be programmed to fly to any designated waypoint, and you can create a waypoint by inserting the lat/long coordinates. The problem would be finding the exact coordinates of the particular tower they wished to hit.

After reading that thread, I can only say that the 767, or any other commercial passenger plane can not fly itself to the destination!!! I could sit all day in the cockpit at the airport punching buttons on the FMS and it wouldn't go anywhere until we taxied it out and took off, engaging the FMS after we climbed from the runway!! The wheels will not retract themselves. The plane will not turn according to ATC vectors on its own! The plane will not exceed airspeed limitations on its own as the WTC planes did!

That said, the 'letsroll911' website makes me sick. It is pure publicity seeking at its worst from someone who doesn't give a d@mn about anyone except himself and his own need for publicity. He and all the other conspiricy people are making a mockery of the tragedy. It is sick, ugly, false, and mean spirited muckraking that should be ignored by anyone with an IQ greater than a grape.

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RE: Question About The Fmcs In Boeing 767s

Thu Apr 29, 2004 9:10 pm

Whether or not the FMCs on the ill-fated 767s had GPS updating is also a factor. On our fleet of 767s only three use GPS updating, the rest is simply IRS with VOR/DME updating, not an exact science!
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RE: Question About The Fmcs In Boeing 767s

Fri May 14, 2004 11:27 am


The WTC buildings are over there: fly the aircraft visually so as to hit them.

Case closed. That's what they did. When the first one proved it could be done, the second one proved it could be done, for effect.

Visually. And at full throttle/thrust and good bank angle to maximize floors covered.

Most older Boeings have no GPS, FWIW.


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