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Different Approach Procedures

Thu May 13, 2004 5:40 am

Hello everyone!

This might sound like a silly topic especially on this forum but since I'm trying to learn as much as possible, I would appreciate if someone could clear things up for me.

What I want to know is how the approaches and landing work. For example, what are the differences between VOR and ILS approaches (and if there are any others). And another question which I haven't been able to figure out by myself...what does it mean to intercept a localizer.

I'd appreciate any responses I might get so thank you in advance.

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RE: Different Approach Procedures

Thu May 13, 2004 6:52 am

Spend some time on Google, sir. There is a wealth of information on the basics of aircraft technology complete with pictures.
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RE: Different Approach Procedures

Thu May 13, 2004 9:57 am

You named the ILS and the VOR. There is also the NDB (Non-Directional Beacon) approach, GPS RNAV Approach. I think there's also the ASR approach.

To answer your question about "intercepting the localizer" that means once a plane is cleared to fly an ILS approach, it is told to fly a heading that is 45 or so degrees off of the ILS course. Once the plane gets close enough to the actual localizer path, the Pilot turns the plane further closer to the heading of the localizer, to "intercept it". Once established on it, the plane just keeps itself centered on it, and follows the glidepath down to the runway. Based on what I know, that is a basic explanation. An instrument rated pilot can explain it better.


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