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How Much Does CAT III Training Cost?

Thu May 13, 2004 5:27 pm

First off, let me say I really do not know to much about the CAT III system and all that goes along with it.

With that said.

After reading an article posted in the Civil Forum regarding the fog during the winter time that surrounds Delhi International Aiport (VIDP) that said Delhi had installed a CAT III Ils system on its main runway. In the article it said that only 12 Indian Airline pilots had the training to use the equipment and 0 pilots from Jet Airways and Sahara Airways had the required training. My mom works for Jet Airways so she asked a VP there and he said one of the reasons for not getting the pilots trained is the high cost of training, he said it would cost around $1 Million per pilot. My question, is the cost of this training really that high? And if it is, why?

Thanks for any replies (I really hope that made sense)

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RE: How Much Does CAT III Training Cost?

Thu May 13, 2004 6:56 pm

To be honest 1 million per pilot didn't sound logical to me.I am CAT III A qualified along the 100 pilots in my company,I highly doubt my company or any other would spend that much per pilot.

On the other hand if you divert instead of landing on a CAT III weather it will not save you 1 million dolars so what is the catch of spending that money.

In my company we required at least 500 hours on the type to go for training.When you reach that level you are planned cat III training on your next simulator sortie.We had a two day pre groundschool for CAT III and requirements.Then practiced CAT III autolands,mulfuntions,and goarounds(normal and with a failure) as part of the 8 hour sim session.

After the sim we do 3 practice autolands in CAT I weather in aircraft during one of the everyday flights.We also practice at least one a month to stay current.

As far as the costs go,my company didn't spend extra cash to make this training since I was already supposed to take that annual simulator,we do the recurrent ground schools regularly and practice autolands in real aircraft was done in regular passenger flight.I hope I was helpful.WING

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RE: How Much Does CAT III Training Cost?

Thu May 13, 2004 11:31 pm

Depending on what follows "VP" on the job title of the person your mom asked, he might not know any more about it than your mom does - depending on what your mom does for the company. If he is VP Flight Operations, he probably does know what he is talking about. VP Some Admin Function probably not.

The cost sounds way too high.

But training is not the whole requirement. The aircraft have to be certified and maintained for Cat III. Avionics likewise. MEL programs have to be developed that reflect the needs of CAT III. Finally pilots have to be trained under your new procedures and a number of autolands must be done in visual conditions, using full Cat III procedures, and the results documented before you can do Cat III to full Cat III minima. If you divide the total cost of this by the number of pilots at a small airline, you might (it still sounds high) get to a million dollars a pilot. This must be balanced against the cost of diverting and canceling flights.
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