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Which AA 777's Will I Be On?

Fri Aug 06, 2004 12:14 pm

I hope someone knows the answers. I'm flying ORD-LHR on AA 66 on August 16 and LHR-ORD on AA 47 on August 30. Which aircraft will I be on? Are they "Atlantic" or "Pacific" configurations?

The only other time I've been on a 777 was for a short hop from DEN-SEA in 2000. I look forward to a longer ride that I can really savor. Thanks.

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RE: Which AA 777's Will I Be On?

Sat Aug 07, 2004 7:11 am

Since you are flying out of ORD you will be taking a Pacific configuration 777. Typically AA does not fly Atlantic configured 777 out of ORD. The reason for this being equipment commonality. You can put a Pacific configured 777 on an ORD-LHR flight but you can't put an Atlantic configured 777 on an ORD-NRT trip. The Atlantic 777 do not have crew rest stations in their present form. I've seen equipment changes take place because the LHR 777 was not going to be ready fro the 9:00am flight. Since the NRT bound 777 has the same configuration we were able to swap trips.

That's not to say Atlantic 777 don't fly into ORD every once in a while. Last week I saw one show up. However it was scheduled for the first ORD-LHR flight of the day. If an equipment swap was needed we would have been out of luck. AA right now is in the process of installing crew rest stations on it's Atlantic 777 so this will no longer be an issue.

Anyway hope this helps and I wish you a safe and pleasant flight.  Smile
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