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US Airways B767-2B7/ER

Thu Aug 12, 2004 9:19 am

Ok, another question for those pilots or tech op guys of US Airways. There are two common engines that I've found that are used on the B767ER. It is usually either the CF6-80A2 or the CF6-80C2B4.

Can someone enlighten me on which one is used on their aircraft. The thrust rating is considerably different on each OR, if I'm totally off, please let me know. Thanks again for your help  Smile
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RE: US Airways B767-2B7/ER

Thu Aug 12, 2004 9:44 am

They are completely different models of engine, not just thrust differences.

US' fleet of 767s in its entirety is powered by the CF6-80C2B2, 52.5k pounds of thrust.


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