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DL B737-232 Climb Perf.

Sat Aug 21, 2004 5:43 am

I was wondering if any you Delta pilots could tell me what your "average" climb rate and speed is in the B732.

The 732 has the JT8D-15A engines, correct? They are rated at 15,500lbs thrust if I remember correctly.
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RE: DL B737-232 Climb Perf.

Sun Aug 22, 2004 5:14 am

Yes the DL B732s have -15A engines.

Looking at some climb charts a heavy aircraft can make it to FL290 in 20minutes, while a lighter aircraft can make it FL330 in 16 minutes.

For climb speed for planning 250kts till 10,000ft, then 280-320kts mach.70

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