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Mon Sep 06, 2004 2:37 pm

I was on some MD80 and today a S80 (AA) flight.

It seems to me that always without any exception we used ground power, but all the tiime we also got a couple of outages.

Thanks to the crew today for the cockpit tour, thanks for switching on all the gauges just for me, it was an amazing experience. Kudos for the friendly welcome up there!

But why does it seem that M80 have gen probs?


On a M80 flight before, we were led out by flashlights, cause the crew could not get the power running...hmmm...

BTW, sat in 11A, swmooth ride, low noise, nice flight!

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RE: MD80...APU/Gen...

Tue Sep 07, 2004 5:10 am

This sounds like more of a problem with the ground power unit (GPU) than the auxiliary power unit (APU) onboard the aircraft. If the Captain has completed his taxi to the gate and not started the APU, he's probably counting on GPU power when he parks. He then just shuts the engine(s) down when given the signal by the ground crew that GPU power is connected. The power "flickers" you see mostly occur when the pilots switch between sources GPU / APU /
Engine. The Engines each have a generator called a CSD (Constant Speed Drive). If the CSD on one engine is INOP, the APU MUST be started and operated continuously in most cases. If any 2 of the 3 generators onboard (CSD1 / CSD2 / APU) are INOP the A/C cannot be dispatched.

The flashlights bit probably occurred when the GPU cut out before the APU could be started - resulting in a dark cabin. Hope this helps.

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