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CLT - ATL Route

Fri Oct 29, 2004 9:55 am

This is mainly to any Delta pilots who fly the CLT to ATL route. I've noticed on my many trips through ATL that we seem to follow one of two main routings.

KCLT HOR1.HARAY SPA.MACEY2 KATL - which brings you into ATL from the north to land on rwy 8L/26R


KCLT PAN6.ANDYS IRQ SINCA.SINCA3 KATL - which brings you into ATL from the south to land on rwy 9R/27L

Is there usually a deciding factor for which route will be used. Is there some rhyme or reason? For example, if a flight was be arriving at a gate on the North side of the terminal would it use the north approach into ATL and for arriving at a gate on the South side of the terminal would it use the south approach into ATL?

There is usually a small time difference as well, the southern route is just a bit longer. I've always wondered about this but never got around to asking.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks  Smile
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RE: CLT - ATL Route

Fri Oct 29, 2004 3:37 pm

For many city pairs that have high frequency, there are preferred routes published by the FAA. You can check out the back of an Airport Facility Directory (AFD) for these routes. Typically, these routes will be used during busier times which could explain your routings.

These could also be affected by weather. If the winds are favoring a specific runway, it may be to their advantage to route you in a different direction for sequencing. There may be storms off to the north and it may be better to come from the south, etc.

Hope this gives a little insight.
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RE: CLT - ATL Route

Fri Oct 29, 2004 5:48 pm

For various published domestic US routes, check out this site:

You'll find that this route:


is the CLTATLPR preferred route. There are two others listed there, north and south CDR ("Coded Departure Routes," used for severe weather avoidance, formerly known as "SWAP"), but neither is the southerly route you quoted. The one you quoted is a little longer than CLTATLPR, but quite a bit shorter than CLTATL1S.

Hope that helps a little bit... sorry I don't have any info on the other route.
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RE: CLT - ATL Route

Sat Oct 30, 2004 9:38 am


The MACEY arrival is definitely the normal way to ATL. The biggest reason you'd get moved to the SINCA arrival is if the MACEY is impacted by demand or weather.

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RE: CLT - ATL Route

Mon Nov 01, 2004 5:33 am

Just expanding on points already made. While Macey is the preferred STAR for that route, it is also the most heavily travelled STAR in the United States. At certain times during the day, ATL TMU will put out an advisory asking for flights to be dispatched from the northeast via IRQ.SINCA3. Often, we will dispatch flights from RDU, PHF, IAD, etc. via the SINCA STAR. Generally, we will also make a note in the remarks section of the release that says something similar to: "REQUEST LIB.ODF.MACEY2 ONCE AIRBORNE".


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