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Airshow 400 420 Screenshots?

Sat Oct 30, 2004 11:51 am

On many corporate jets I've seen the Airshows in cabin diplaying the flight information. Could you guys please provide me with screenshots of these? Especially the part were it displays the Ground Speed and Altitude.

I have seen these on my overseas flights to Europe and I noticed that during take -off the altitude is measured in 1 foot increments below 18,000 feet and is measured in 500 foot increments above 18,000 feet.

I want to confirm this from a screenshot if you one can provide me please. Please, I would appreciate this. Esp. a close-up shot. Im really into these things and I think there a great improvement in aviation technology.

Models are Airshow 400, 420 I think.... And plus I had visited there website www.airshowinc.com but there is no adequate screenshots what Im looking for.


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