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Opt. Cost Of ATR 72 VS Dash 84

Sun Dec 19, 2004 8:00 am

Recently the board of Biman Bangladesh airline has approved purchase of three Dash-8q400 aircraft over ATR-72-500. However the local print media heavily criticized the diceision saying dash 8 is an “costlier, gas guzzling aircraft”.

Here is some opt cost data that was published in various newpapers in Bangladesh.,

1.Acquisition cost $26.66 million for D84 vs 16.9 million for ATR-72.
2.Dash requires 1,661kg fuel for a one-hour flight, 713 kg more than ATR's 948kg.

3.Dash's maintenance cost is 17 percent higher than ATR, fuel consumption is 20 percent more and operating cost each trip is 40 percent higher than ATR.

4.Cost per kilogram payload of DASH 8-Q400 per year is $3,204.2 against $3,254.54 for ATR. Revenue per kg payload of DASH is $4,918.04 against $4,033.39 for ATR.

5.Bombardier and Avions de Transport Regional use engines of Pratt and Whitney in their aircraft, according to Civil Aircrafts, a book published by Harper Collins in 2001. It says an ATR aircraft has between 70 and 80 seats while Bombardier 72 and 78.

Can anyone comment on these data? Some of them are obviously wrong, but maybe someone can provide some real number. Please state your source.

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