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Need 744 Checklists

Wed Jan 12, 2005 3:04 am

Hi all, I'm writing an article about landing a 747-400 at LHR. It's more poetic than high-tech (mostly about the routing and neighbourhoods the planes fly over on their way in) but I'd like to drop in at least one checklist, top of descent, before landing, something like that. I can't seem to get any action on google so I was wondering if someone could post one? If there are security concerns (groundless, I assure you), they don't even have to be complete, I just need some plausible lines. I have a complete set of 707 manuals and checklists which I can use - the readers will not know the difference, it's not an aviation journal - but I would prefer to be as accurate as possible.

Many thanks to anyone who can help. PS 757/767 checklists are almost identical to the 747-400, so these will do if we don't have any 747 drivers in da house.
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