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Climb Limit, BFL, Performance Limited Questions..

Mon Feb 07, 2005 5:09 am

Hey there, im transitioning into larger jets very soon this year from GA, and i would like to learn more about Field limited takeoffs, and performance limited take offs, climb limited take offs and brake/tyre speed limited take offs...

does anyone have nice explanations or a website?

Id love it if someone could take the time to e-mail me (from profile) and help me out,

i know SLAMCLICK is very educated about airliners, being a long term flyer, but anyone that has time would be a super help!


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RE: Climb Limit, BFL, Performance Limited Questions..

Mon Feb 07, 2005 5:58 am

From what I know, there is no difference in procedure; rather, it's a difference in maximum takeoff weight.

For example:

On a 21 Centigrade day day in Elko, Nevada, using a the typical setup for a typical aircraft using runway 5 (for fun!), one would come up with this:

Airframe: 53,000
Climb: 52,120
Field: 47,650
Obstacle: 45,710
Brake: 55,120

In this situation, we would have a max flight plan weight of 45,710. No more. We could get full weight by switching runways, but you can see here how how payload hits can affect you. These weights vary with conditions, of course.

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