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Takeoff Performance Figures - DUB -V- MAN

Thu Jun 09, 2005 3:22 am

I wonder if someone could help me with with takeoff perf. figures. Let me give you the background first ...

At the moment, DUB has a runway of 8,650' (10/28); although the airport authority has planned spending of up to EUR1b until 2015, this does not include an extension to the current runway, with the result that until the new runway opens (projected for 2012), we're stuck with the shortest runway of any major airport in Europe.

It is hoped (by Aer Lingus for one) that long haul flights from DUB will be introduced over the next few years; the runway is (I understand) already marginal for 332s, but for larger aircraft, it's a no go ... 777s or particularly A340s are out; the newer models, 787s or A350s are unlikely to be much different from current twins. The result is that poor planning at DUB will limit the prospects for new long haul flights. The govt is not particularly interested and despite its apparent plans for new long haul flights, Aer Lingus doesn't seem particularly annoyed (or perhaps cannot say so publicly).

Can anyone give me figures to back this up; comparing MAN and DUB, for example, how much high would the MTOW be at MAN for a 777 or A340?

Any other comments or info would be welcome!

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