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739ER/739 Stol Enhancements?

Fri Jul 29, 2005 8:06 am

When GOL ordered additional 738's the other day, some mention was made of enhancements that allowed them to operate off of shorter runways, and that these enhancements were being made initially on the 739ER.

What are these short runway enhancements? Anyone in the know?

For GOL's purposes, they mentioned runways as short as 5000 feet(!!!).
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RE: 739ER/739 Stol Enhancements?

Fri Jul 29, 2005 9:48 am

From the thread: RE: B737-900ER Mods. (by AeroWeanie Jul 20 2005 in Tech Ops)

According to the August 9, 2004 issue of Av Week, Boeing developed a short-field performance package for the GOL 737 order. The five improvements are:

1) Mods to the Kruegers to reduce stall speed.

2) Flight spoiler deflections are increased on the ground to 60 deg from 35 deg.

3) The tail skid is extended 5 inches during landing for tail strike protection at the lower approach speeds.

4) Rescheduling of the slats - they will be sealed at Flaps 10 and 15.

5) Rvised FMC software.

These changes improve payload on runways under 5000' in length.

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