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EEC Vs Deec

Sun Sep 18, 2005 7:19 pm

hi folks i have got a quetion for the wizards out there about the EEC or the DEEC in the TFE731 engine. The EEC modulates the fuel flow from the FCU to the combustion chamber by means of a torque motor that operates on a bleed valve and on a regulating valve controlled by an acceleration bellows that uses N2 discharged pressure called P3. The 731 3 used on the DA50 whereas uses a DEEC or digital electronic computer that as opposed to the EEC, governs the N1 rather than the N2. The question is: does the DEEC uses P3 as reference pressure into the acceleration bellows or the pressure discharged from the N1? and why is it referred to as single channel FADEC system? Finally is there anyway to see from the cockpit if the engine mounts a DEEC or an ECC? I know that the fuel computer switch can either be an ON OFF switch or a three position switch ON, MANUAL and OFF. Finally does the DEEC operates in the same way as the EEC?

Thanks for your willigness

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