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Pilot Selection For Training - Has It Changed?

Mon Nov 21, 2005 1:59 am

Because of the fact that most of the pilots hang out in the tech/ops area this question is particularly aimed at pilots who are training new pilots or flying with new first officers.

Have the tests and qualifications changed much for choosing pilots for training schemes over the past 20 years? I did BA's selection twice one at a very early age and one late 20's - the tests and selection seemed to have changed quite a bit. Back on the first attempt there was a lot more emphasis on spatial awareness tests, reasoning, maths, and written tests. The second time there were reasoning, maths and some other written tests, but there didn't appear to be much "getting the cross in the circle" kind of video games tests, and on the second time there was substancial more emphasis on personality tests and psychometric profiling including much more interviewing one to one.

Operationally it would be interested to see if the guys in the left seat are finding a different person cropping up in the right seat now, and what they think are the most important aspects of selecting new pilots for training. Anyone with experience of actually designing tests for selection it would be most interesting to hear their take on how things have changed and whether it has been for the better?

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