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Differences In Aviation Law/ops Between US And GB

Sat Feb 11, 2006 5:12 am

Howdy there. I don't know if yall'll be able to help me or not, but I'll ask anyway. I'm contemplating putting in for an overseas assignment. I've still got a flying career as an ultimate goal, and would have my Private license before I left the 'states. My question: do any of yall know if the US federal aviation laws are similar/the same as those over in europe?

Reason I ask is, I want to know whether going overseas will cripple my chances of flying or not. Also I've been wondering whether my Private License in America would be enough to let me fly over in Great Britian. What also worries me is whether I could fly over there since I'm not a citizen of GB. I'm thinking of going to either Lakenheath or Mildenhall. T

If any of yall know for sure, or know where I can look/ask, please let me know! Thanks in advance for yall's help!


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