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Interesting File. Check It Out.

Tue May 16, 2006 12:28 am


On the link above theres an interesting picture with dozens of computer terminals or consoles running some kind of mapping software...That PDF file above is very very interesting.

Does anyone care to explain or know what mapping tool they use or what software program they use for those maps on the screens?

Also, what operating systems are they using on that picture? Are there using UNIX? SOLARIS? HP-UX?

Just scroll and scroll and scroll down until you see the picture of a US Air Force facility that monitors inbound missiles 24/7....to protect our Nation.

I would like to have that so called "red-phone" (which is linked directly to the President) if a nuclear strike was to persist.

I just want to know what operating system are they using and what mapping software there using? Of course, its NOT available to the general public even I were to know.


Can anyone shed some light on what those computer screens are using? Like what OS or what mapping apllications there using?


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