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Eastern Airlines 747 238 Powerplants

Mon Jul 03, 2006 5:55 am

In the early 80's Eastern had a deal to buy two ex-Qantas 747-238 if they won the MIA-LHR route they was biding for. Pan AM won the route and Eastern did not buy the 747's. These were Qantas early Pratt power 747-238. I under stand early Qantas 747-238 had water injection. So my question is did Eastern nearly buy 747 with water injection engines?

PS: These are not the three 747-121 they least from Pan Am in the early 70's
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RE: Eastern Airlines 747 238 Powerplants

Mon Jul 03, 2006 7:29 am

UA had 7 of the ex-Qantas JT9D powered 747-238s. Not all 7 were the same, though, and a couple did not have the water injection. So it is hard to say what Eastern would have ended up with.

Funny that you mentioned the range in your other post, as one thing some of these -238s had were #2 and #3 aux fuel tanks in the wings, something none of the other UA classic 747s had. Of course, UA did not use these tanks once they got a hold of the aircraft and disabled them.

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