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Aircraft Consulting Questions

Tue Aug 01, 2006 10:36 am

A friend of the family is looking to upgrade from his King Air F90 to either a VLJ or a light jet, and was considering hiring a consultant to evaluate aircraft the various models for him. Does anyone know of any firms that do this? My search turned up a few but I'd rather get some word of mouth recommendations. Additionally, do you have a rough estimate on what a basic analysis and recommendation would cost? I got the impression he is looking for a consultant independent of the aircraft broker in order to get a second opinion, so fees associated with the sale/financing of the aircraft wouldn't be involved, just those for the research/report.

I think he is happy with his current broker, but would like to speak with someone else before plunking down 2 to 4 million just to "make sure"--assuming hiring a consultant is not to pricey (hence the question).
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