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Experience In The Purchase Dept Of An Airline?

Thu Aug 24, 2006 4:04 pm

As I didn't got any info in the civil aviation forum I hope someone in Tech Ops could shed some light on one or more of my questions.
Maybe it's because someone doing a job like that is considered to be "at the wrong side". "These guys in their office/administration who makes decisions without knowing sh*t of daily airline ops" .... but I'm just an aviation "addict" looking for a job that matches my education and experience, like most of us on the forum I think.


Is there anyone who has experience working in the purchasing dept. of an airline?
As I’m looking to apply for a job I would like to obtain more information concerning:
-contracting ground handling services: terminology/type of contracts/prices
-contracting catering services: terminology/type of contracts/prices
-contracting maintenance: terminology/type of contracts/prices

Currently I’m a Purchaser but not in the aviation business.
If you are a Purchaser in the av. business is your position considered as one with a higher profile and with a greater chance to climb up to higher corporate levels?

Any info is welcome.

Many thanks in advance.
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