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"Break Over" Feature On Seats

Wed Nov 29, 2006 5:59 pm

Hey there,
A "Break over" feature is required for most passenger seating, with a small exception of unusual seats or seats in the exit row. I was curious to what the rationale for this feature is. I have heard a wide range of explainations on this topic, including those that say the break over feature: (i) assists in absorbing head impacts during a crash, (ii) assists in evacuations since you can push the seat out of the way, or (iii) allows for positioning in a brace positon before an impact.

Does anyone know the "official" reason why seats have the break over feature?

Some explainations I have found...

"The "break-over" position helps protect the seat cushions during cleaning and servicing operations and also helps to protect a passenger seated immediately rearwardly in a crash situation"

"...existing mechanical devices (break over) commonly used to reduce the impact load from the head of a person striking the seat back frames of the row of seats in front during a forward crash."

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RE: "Break Over" Feature On Seats

Thu Nov 30, 2006 6:37 am

There is a component called a Hydrolock which governs the force at which you can push the seat over.

Somone correct me if i'm wrong...

Its to give the body a place to move in an impact. If you hit the seat infront and it collapses you make the deceleration forces on the body act over a longer time period, therefore reducing the energy sent through the person and increasing the chance of walking away

They also assist in the loading of a stretcher which fits into the seat tracks and sits ontop of the collapsed seats.
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