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Bombardier Q400 Field Performance: Question

Mon Dec 04, 2006 1:40 am

On the Bombardier website about the Q400, the following information about field performance can be found:

Airfield Performance:

FAR takeoff field length
(SL, ISA, MTOW, HGW) 4,600 ft 1,402 m

Takeoff field length for 500nm sector
(ISA, 70 Pax, IGW) 3,720 ft 1,134 m

Now here comes my question: Could the the Q400 fly a 342nm/633km trip, with a full payload, from an airport with the following data:

RWY length: 3114ft/949m
Field Elevation: 31ft/9m
Temperature: ISA+15°C (which is 30°C)

Maybe this hint helps: a Q300 can do that trip.

Thanks in advance.

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